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1 What is SOL4Py
1.1 SOL4Py
SOL4Py is a tiny Python class library for Python, PyQt, OpenCV, and ML.
The basic class design of SOL4Py is based on that of our SOL9 C++ library. In order to develop our library, we have used the latest Python3.6, PyQt5, and OpenCV-3.4.2 on Windows 10 April 2018 Update environment. We have tested the sample programs on Windows 10 only, but you may run them on Linux environment too, provided you install required Python, PyQt, OpenCV modules on Linux.

On installation of PyQt5, please see the site Installing PyQt5

We have downloaded the latest OpenCV-3.4.2 module for Python 3 opencv_python-3.4.2-cp36-cp36m-win_amd64.whl from the following site:

Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages

,and installed it by pip command on Anaconda Prompt.

base) C:\Users\Foo\Downloads>pip install opencv_python-3.4.2-cp36-cp36m-win_amd64.whl

To develop SOL4Py library, we installed and used the following libraries on Anaconda3(64-bit) Prompt of April 2018 Update Windows10.

(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install PyQt5
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install pandas
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install matplotlib
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install seaborn
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install pydotplus
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install qimage2ndarray
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install sklearn
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install xgboost
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install LightGBM
(base) C:\sol4>conda install tensorflow
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install keras
(base) C:\sol4>pip3 install cx_Oracle

We have been using Tensorflow version 1.10.0 and Keras 2.2.2 You can easily check their versions in the following way.

python -c "import tensorflow as tf; print(tf.__version__)"
python -c "import keras; print(keras.__version__)"

Furthermore, to connect Oracle12C Database server from Python, we have been using cx_Oracle 7.0.0.

(base) python -c "import cx_Oracle; print(cx_Oracle.__version__)"

1.2 Download SOL4Py Library

Download: SOL4Py-1.6 Class Library for Python (Library & Samples) #2018.09.30)

2 How to use SOL4Py

2.1 Basic User Interface samples
2.1.1 How to use ZApplicationView?

2.1.2 How to use ZImageView?

2.1.3 How to use ZLabeledComboBox?

2.1.4 How to use ZLabeledSlider?

2.1.5 How to use ZScrolledImageView?

2.2 OpenCV samples
2.2.1 How to use ZOpenCVImageView?

2.2.2 How to use cv2.boxFilter?

2.2.3 How to use cv2.adaptiveThreshold?

4.2.4 How to use cv2.AKAZE feature detector?

2.2.5 How to use cv2.createStitcher?

2.2.6 How to use cv2.GaussianBlur and cv2.addWeighted?

2.2.7 How to use cv2.getStructuringElement and cv2.morphologyEx?

2.2.8 How to use cv2.FlannBasedMatcher?

2.2.9 How to use cv2.edgePreservingFilter, cv2.detailEnhance and cv2.pencilSketch?

2.2.10 How to use cv2.CascadeClassifier to detect faces?

2.2.11 How to use cv2.HOGDescriptor to detect pedestrians?

2.2.12 How to use cv2.VideoCapture to display video files?

2.2.13 How to use a scrolled plotting area to draw a figure of matplotlib and seaborn?

2.3 CNN samples
2.3.1 How to use CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100 datasets on cnn model for image classification?

2.3.2 How to use MNIST and FashionMNIS datasets on cnn model for image classification?

2.4 ML samples
2.4.1 How to use DecisionTreeClassifier?

2.4.2 How to use LightGBMClassifiers?

2.4.3 How to use RandomForestRegressor?

2.4.4 How to use XGBClassifier?

2.5 Socket samples
2.5.1 How to use CustomThreadedTCPServer?

2.5.2 How to use CustomThreadedUDPServer?

2.5.3 How to use CustomThreadingMixInTCPServer.html?

2.5.4 How to use CustomThreadingMixInUDPServer?

2.5.5 How to use NonblockingTCPServerThread?

2.6 Oracle12C samples
2.6.1 How to insert data into a table of Oracle12C?

2.6.2 How to select records from a table of Oracle12C ?

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