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1 What is SolImageBlender?

  SolImageBlender is a simple Windows tool to alpha-blend multiple images of various file formats of 'bmp', 'jpg', 'png', 'tif', 'gif' and 'ico'. This tool can be used to combine images by specifying transparency parameter, sizing parameter, and, alignment parameter for each image and a background color for a blended image.
  SolImageBlender runs on Windows 7/Vista or Windows Server 2003/2008.

1.1 Download SolFileFinder
  You can download the latest SolImageBlender[New:2012/06/20]:
SolImageBlender (SolImageBlender.zip).

No technical support is provided for this free version program.If you have any question, please send an email to us. See Question and Comment

If you are interested in source code on this application, please see a sample program 'SolImageBlender' in SOL9 2.0 samples. This 'SolImageBlender' application is a simple upgrade version of the sample program.

Note:Please note that the current free version cannot blend large image files.

See also the following SOL9 2.0 ImageBlending sample programs:

1.2 Version History
  • 2012/06/20: Released the first version (

  • 2 How to use it

    2.1 SolImageBlender
    Run SolImageBlender program in your desktop, and the following window will be displayed.

    This window has a toolBar in the top area, which contains 'Open', 'Save', 'Blend', and 'Clean' ImageButtons,
    and 'imageListView' in the upper area, and 'imageView' in the lower area.
    The 'imageListView' shows a list of name of image file and blend properties.
    The 'imageView' is used to display an image of the image file selected in the listview, and a blended image.

    To add an image file to be blended, select 'Open' image button. Then a fileOpenDialog will be displayed, and select an image file from it.

    Figure 2-1 SolImageBlender

    2.2 Setting Properties of Blendable Image
    To set properties of a blendable image, click twice on an item of the 'imageListView', and the properties of the selected image in the middle area and the image in the 'imageView' of lower area. See Figure 2-2.
    To change the transparency of the image, use 'Transparency setter' slider.
    To change the size of the image, use 'Size setter' slider.
    To change alignment of the image, use 'Alignment setter' comboBox.

    Please note that this free version cannot blend large image files properly. This is mainly because the current SolImageBlender event handlers for 'Transparency' and 'Size' sliders may take a few seconds to change the blend properties and create a new image for the large images.

    Figure 2-2 Setting Properties of Image 'TokyoSkyTree.jpg'

    Figure 2-3 Setting Properties of Image 'Sol.ico'

    Figure 2-4 Setting Properties of Image 'sample_flower.jpg'

    2.3 Blending Images
    To blend images, set checks on items of the 'imageListView'. and click 'Blend' button on the toolBar. Then the blended image will be displayed on the 'imageView'.
    To change the background color of the blended image, select a color from the 'Background color chooser'.

    Note:The width and height of a blended image will be computed automatically by this SolImageBlender itself. They are calculated as the maximum width and height of the selected blendable images.

    Figure 2-5 Blended image

    Figure 2-6 Another blended image

    3.3 Saving Blended Image
    To save the blended images, click 'Save' button on the toolBar. Then a fileSaveDialog will be displayed, and input a save file name.

    Note:Please note that you cannot save the blended image as an icon file of 'ico' format.

    Figure 2-7 Saving Blended Image

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