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1 What is SolFileCypher?

1.1 SolFileCypher

  SolFileCypher is a Windows GUI tool to encrypt or decrypt multiple Office 2003/2007 and Acrobat PDF files by passwords at one time.
This tool helps encrypt or decrypt quickly a lot of Office and PDF files in a batch without entering a password into [Password]
Dialog for each file respectively.

SolFileCypher runs on the Windows Vista/XP or Windows Server 2003/2008.

To run SolFileCypher, the following programs should be installed.

  • Office 2003 or 2007 Office System
    SolFileCypher uses the applications of Word, PowerPoint and Excel to encrypt and decrypt Office files.

  • PDFTK program
    For economey, SolFileCypher uses the free pdftk program (http://www.pdfhacks.com/pdftk/ ) to encrypt and
    decrypt PDF files without Adobe Acrobat.

  • NOTE:
  • 2008/12/04: Fixed a bug to detect encrypted PDF files saved by Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

  • 1.2 Download

      You can download the latest SolFileCypher 1.0 Free Version(Updated:20081204):
    SolFileCypher (SolFileCypher.zip)

    Sorry no technical support is provided for this free version, but if you would like to ask any question or report
    bugs on this program, please refer Question and Comment

    2 SolFileCypher User Interface

    2.1 SolFileCypher Window

    SolFileCypher has a Windows-Explorer like Window. See Figure 2-1. It has the following child windows:
  • ComboBox to hold selected folders in the left top
  • Encrypt, Decrypt and Password buttons in the right top
  • Tree View to browse Windows folders in the left pane
  • List View to display Office and PDF files in the right pane

  • Figure 2-1 SolFileCypher Window

    2.2 Target Files

      The target files of SolFileCypher are the following. Office 2007 XPS and ZIP files are not target of this tool.
    NOTE: Microsoft 2007 Office System should be installed to handle the Office 2007 specific files of Open XML Formats.
    Sorry, SolFileCypher doesn't support the add-on package 'Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and
    PowerPoint 2007 file formats'

    FileType File Extension Encryption
    Microsoft Office Word Document .doc, .docx, .docm PWD
    Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsm, .xlsb PWD
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation .ppt, .pps, .pptx, .pptm, .ppsx, .ppsm PWD
    Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf PWD

    3 SolFileCypher Password

    3.1 Password Generation Rule

    SolFileCypher generates automatically a READ-PASSWORD for each Office file and a USER-PASSWORD for
    each PDF file to encrypt them and decrypt them.

    The SolFileCypher password (READ-PASSWORD or USER-PASSWORD) is generated from the following data.

  • UUID of the machine
  • User name(Case sensitive)
  • File name(Case sensitive)

  • SolFileCypher computes an MD5(128 bits) message-digest from the above data for each file and converts it
    a hexica-decimal printable string as a SolFileCypher password.
    The string length of a READ-PASSWORD for Office file is 15 bytes, and a USER-PASSWORD for PDF file is 32 bytes.

    3.2 Machine-Dependent SolFileCypher Password (Modified: 2008/12/06)

    The SolFileCyper password for each file may take a nearly unique (not completely unique) value which depends on the
    machine-specific UUID, currently logged-in user name and the filename.

    The automatically generated SolFileCypher password for a file can be sent to make someone on other machine open
    the encrypteds file by Office or Adobe Acrobat/Reader programs.

  • Please do not change the filename after the encryption by SolFileCypher, because the SolFileCypher password to decrypt
    the file is derived from the case-sensitive filename.
  • SolFileCypher on a machine can not decrypt automatically the encrypted files by SolFileCypher on other machine,
    because SolFileCypher passwords depend on each machine's UUID.

  • 4 SolFileCypher Settings

    1. Run SolFileCypher program.

    2. Please select [Tool] menu.

    2.1 Please select [PDF Tool Setting] of the pulldown menu. See Figure 4-1.
    Please download the pdftk.exe program and install it.

    Figure 4-1 PDFTK Setting

    2.2 Please select [PDF Access Rights] of the pullown menu. See Figure 4-2.
    Please check access rights to encrypted PDF files.

    Figure 4-2 PDF Access Rights

    5 How to use it

    1. Run SolFileCypher program in your desktop, you'll get a Windows-Explorer like window. See Figure 2-1.

    2. Select a drive or folder in the left pane of the window.

    3. Select files to encrypt or decrypt in the left pane of the window.

    4. To encrypt the selected files, click [Encrypt] button on the upper right of the the window.
    Or select [Encrypt] item of a context menu in the right list view pane.See Figure 5-1.
    [Encryption Notifier] Dialog shows the result of the encryption operation.

    5. To decrypt the selected files, click [Decrypt] button on the upper right of the the window.
    Or select [Decrypt] item of a context menu in the right list view pane.See Figure 5-2.
    [Decryption Notifier] Dialog shows the result of the decryption operation.

    6. Select an encrypted file to get the password.

    7. To get a password for the selected file, click [Password] button on the upper right of the window.
    Or select [Password] item of a context menu in the right list view pane.See Figure 5-3.
    Please click [Copy Password] button in the [Password Exporter] Dialog to copy the passowrd
    to the Windows clipboard.
  • The password exported here can be sent to make someone on other machine open the sent encrypted file
    by Office or Adobe Acrobat/Reader programs.(Added: 2008/12/06)
  • The SolFileCypher password exported here is valid only for a file encrypted by SolFileCypher on that machine,
    because the automatically generated password depends on that machine's UUID.
  • Each pair of an encrypted file and the corresponding exported password can be sent to anyone to open it, if having Office or
    Adobe Acrobat/Reader, even if not having SolFileCypher.

  • Figure 5-1 SolFileCypher Encrypt

    Figure 5-2 SolFileCypher Decrypt

    Figure 5-3 SolFileCypher Password

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